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Insurance Audit

Insurance carriers perform insurance audits to help ensure that the estimated amount of premium you pay for your insurance coverage reflects your business operations accurately.

Premiums for workers’ compensation insurance and for general liability insurance are calculated based on estimates of exposure (payroll, receipts, sales, etc.) expected to be incurred during the policy period. The audit conducted at the conclusion of the policy period determines the actual exposure incurred during the policy term.

If the estimate is too high, you’ll receive a refund, usually a credit to your policy. If the estimate is too low, you’ll receive a bill for the additional premium for the audit period and the current year.

If you have any questions concerning the necessity of completing this audit please contact your agent of record.

Please proceed to the “Audit Info” tab for further information concerning an insurance audit.

To begin your audit please click the "Log In" button above to enter your login credentials provided on your Audit Notice Letter.
Once Logged In you will be guided through a series of pages to complete the following information for the policy period noted on your Audit Notice Letter:

  • General Information - Company Address and Contact Information
  • Description of Operations - Company EIN, Legal Status, Description of Operations
  • Company Principals - Owners, Officers Names and Gross Wages
  • Employees - (As Needed) Names and Gross Payroll for Clerical/Sales Employees and/or All Other Employees
  • Subcontractors - (If Needed) Subs used as part of your business (Names, Work Performed, Total Payments, Certificates of Insurance)
  • Sales - (If Needed) Company Sales
  • Verification - (As Needed) Payroll or Sales Totals from supporting documents Ex: PA UC2's
  • Finalize Audit - Contact Info of person performing the audit

The Audit is Completed and Submitted when ALL pages are marked with a green checkmark. No

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